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"Your face is your treasure." We cherish it and value it as highly as you do and employ highly trained, expert and, importantly, caring professionals in our facials department. Using only herbal or certified safe aides and equipments, we are equipped to give the complete line up of facial treatments including exfoliation, steam, masks, peeling, extraction and more.


"Enjoy beachwear and flaunt your smooth, silky body. Our waxing services are affordable and aimed for maximum effect with minimum discomfort. We offer everything from facial waxing to hands, arms and full body waxing services. Fix an appointment and find out how our affordable waxing services can give your personality an immense boost.


Not only do we work wonders on your feet, toes and nails, but we do more, incorporating therapeutic with cosmetic in a treatment package that will make you feel good just by looking at your feet after we are done giving you our diverse treatments such as nail beautification, dermabrasion of the soleso of your feet, moisturizing, and more.


If your face says a lot about you, your hands can accent and highlight those expressions. Let our experts shape your nails to suit your finger and hand type, and smooth the skin of your hands using only the latest and best in terms of hygiene, equipments and beauty aides. We also offer everything by way of artificial nails, tips, nail painting and other enhancements as part of our manicure services.


Our beauticians are in a class apart, with professional qualifications and to this they bring a deeper understanding of the type of makeup that will suit your personality, your skin, face type, the dress you will wear, the event you will attend and more. We can offer detailed and heavy make up for special occasions or just the right touches, starting with foundation preparation and final finish including skin, eyebrows, mascara, eye shadow, liner, blush and shading to create just the effect you dreamed about.


Bridal treatment is what we love and where we shine, laving attention on the wedding girl to make her the queen of the day, from tip to toe a picture of ravishing perfection to captivate hearts the moment she sets foot in the wedding mandap. Handled by a team of perfectionists, our bridal services are of the highest order but are surprisingly affordable.

Hair Cut

You can take your pick from a variety of styles, layered, long cut, short, waved or curled according to your height, body type, face type and personality. In our advanced salon you can view your face framed with different styles in our computer simulations and pick the one you love the most or leave it to our stylist. Regardless, we do our best because your happiness is closest to our heart.

Hair Color

Trends come and go and it does not do to follow one because every other girl is doing it. Hair color is one of these trends. Done the wrong way or if overdone the effect can be detrimental rather than helping you look cool and fashionable. You can trust us to do it right at the best prices to make you look in a class apart.

Hair Rebonding

Don't tear your hair out in desperation just because it is so unmanageable. Come to Reena's. Our total hair rebonding solutions will bring discipline and order to chaos, peace and bliss to you, looking so much lovelier and attractive after we are done with transforming you.

Hair Straightening

Crude methods of hair straightening can weaken hair, cause long term damage and result in split ends as well as a mop of rough hair. Come to us for that gentle, scientific, professional and effective hair straightening method using latest international techniques and tools at the best prices. You will love the soft, silky and glossy look afterwards.

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